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Little things you are happy about when you are a mum…

This is a list of things you are very happy about when you are a mum. Please don’t take it too serious 😉 It’s going to be updatet every now and then.

1. plug sockets without child-proof lock. I nearly forgot how easy it is to put a plug in…

2. eating a piece of chocolate just by yourself. And no need to completely hand it over to your child…


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About “Spielplätze in MSP”

*This category will only be available in German, since it is a category for local people. If you are an english-speaking person with interest in this category please let us know.*

Mit unserem kleinen Fin, der momentan die ganze Welt entdecken will, sind auch wir immer auf Entdeckungsreise. Jetzt, wo es wieder wärmer ist, entdecken wir vor allem die Spielplätze in unserem Dorf und in der Umgebung.

Weil wir festgestellt haben, dass sich online leider immer recht wenig über die Spielplätze, ihren Aufbau oder die Eignung für verschiedene Altersstufen finden lässt, haben wir beschlossen, diese Kategorie in diesen Blog zu integrieren, in der Hoffnung, dass andere Eltern und ihre Kinder an den Spielplätzen genauso viel Spaß finden, wie wir.

Wir freuen uns natürlich über jeden Hinweis auf einen Spielplatz, der besuchenswert ist und auch darüber, wenn ihr eure Erfahrungen über einen Spielplatz in den Kommentaren mit uns teilt. 🙂 Je mehr Infos desto besser.

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I used the last week to catch a bit up with my letters.
One went out to Argentina (after more than a year, I hope this lovely girl still considers me as a penpal -.-‘) and the other one to Belgium. I had so much fun crafting the envelopes and everything. I was a good break from all the learning stuff and a good way to use the time when Fin is sleeping 🙂

Here are the letters. Enjoy watching!

This one (including the video above) went out to Belgium.






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Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day in Germany, which means it’s the first Father’s Day for my boyfriend. And because even the most stupid day is a happy day if you find some spot for creativity I used yesterday evening for a little creative time. I painted this body as a little gift for Flo (actually, there should be also loads of fizz for him, but scatty me had the idea for that only on Monday so the delivery didn’t arrive in time… -.-‘).

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#001. Read at least 2 books a month (7/66)

Yes… I guess I failed with this task right from the beginning 😀 As I already mentioned, my studies take more time than expected, so I don’t find the time to read as much as I would like to. To be honest, I don’t exactly know how many books I’ve read since I started the list but I will try to recap how many and which books I’ve read and also try to write something about them. Some of the books I needed to read for my studies so don’t be surprised by some titles.

Here’s the list of books I’ve read “for this list”:
01. Das Schloss Dürande (Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff)
02. Iphigenie auf Tauris (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
03. Ein ganzes Leben (Robert Seethaler)
04. Das Wirthaus im Spessart (Wilhelm Hauff)
05. My Not So Perfect Life (Sophie Kinsella)
06. Inferno (Dan Brown)
07. Der Trafikant (Robert Seethaler)

Books in progress:
Surprise Me (Sophie Kinsella)
Origin (Dan Brown)
First Star I See Tonight: A Chicago Stars Novel (Susan Elizabeth Phillips)
Terror (Ferdinand von Schirach)

You see – by far not as many books as I wished I have read 😀 Since Fin is here I started reading a bit more again because I can use the time while nursing him. But since he got more active I don’t have a lot other spare time to read. Let’s see how I will go on. I think I will stop this task but keep this list up-to-date with some texts about the books.

If you have any book recommendations I would really appreciate a message from you. 🙂

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Long Time No See…

Well… you know that… you start a Blog, create a big to-do-list and then – life happens. That’s what happens to this blog. But during a boring lesson at university I rediscovered my blog and decided to reacitivate it. 🙂

Since my last post it has been almost 2 years and life has changed a lot. College got more stressful than I thought, so some other things needed to be cut. And so needed some tasks of my 101/1001 list. Mainly due to the fulfilling of one of the tasks on the list (task 79 – have a child). In December 2017 our life was completed by the arrival of lovely little Fin. He mixed up our lifes in the best way I can imagine. ❤

I’ll update my 101/1001 list by now and will create blogposts for tasks I finished, I cancelled or changed. Let’s see how far I’ll come till little Fin wakes up 🙂

Till then… ❤